This is simply a journey to the polar cap entering the inner earth.

The complete track is 18 minutes and 46 seconds (ufff .... patience).

The first part is titled "Approach" from 00:00 and until 05:57 and represents the initial approach towards the pole.
The second part is titled "Entry" and starts at 05:57 until 08:30; It represents the entrance to the inner world. The last part is titled "Inside the Tunnel" and starts at 08:30 and remains until the end completed at 18:46. This represents the journey inside the tunnel that connects the surface with the inner world full of exotic landscapes.

Why did soundcloud adjust the volume levels of the first part? :(

    Other, EM Berlin School Space Rock
    • Type: Original
    • Release Date: 01/18/2017 00:00
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