Jonbob Music

I am a great believer in music of all kinds but my heart lies in progressive house - i used to dj way back in the 90's - playing hardcore and house, illegal parties mainly - wasn't bothered about being paid, all i wanted was to be heard - by as many people as possible but even back then it was hard to stand out from the crowd - now however, the internet has broken down that barrier - since i started this podcast my mixes have been heard all over the world and frankly i'm amazed at how well it's doing ! So thankyou for taking the time to check me out - i hope you will subscribe and i will do my best not to disappoint you !!!

I don't use any kind of DJ software such as Traktor & Virtual DJ to make my mixes - also nothing is pre-recorded, every mix you hear is live ! Just me, two decks and a mixer - the way it should be ! Jonbob Music is non profit - i don't own or claim ownership of any music/samples used in this podcast - i just do it because i love it !!!!!!

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