Our Ultimate Shoegaze Mixtape Series of Shows on SSRFM has become the go to radio experience to fall in love with sound because the following bands are creating super charged, FX dominated mega tracks! Volume FIVE is a wild alternative rock and of course heavy Shoegaze dominated Supershow! Inhale new music from Sun Lotus!

This show will throw you deep into the Gaze Zone with utterly memorable and lump in throat producing tracks from Lust, Dead Leaf Echo, Loro’s High Dependency Unit, Hammock, Boris, Solar Powered People, Bloodhounds on My Trail, Venessa Van Basten and more!!

This mixtape will make you cry tears of sonic love/joy! You will have an overwhelming desire toward expressing true happiness, greatness and share this radio show with all mankind #JustHavePhunWiffIT


Show Open
You are listening to SSRFM “Real Shoegaze Radio”
High Dependency Unit “Space Blues” monumental show opener
Lust “Whisper” spectacular, repeatable, wildly loud alternagaze
Dead Leaf Echo “So Wrong” and the lovely sound fest continues
Vanessa Van Basten “Fashionation Trip” this is shoegaze
Boris “Flare” background opener, clip leads into official show intro


Just when you thought it was safe to hold back the tears The Sanctuary made sure you remembered just how powerful the sound has always been. This is ULTIMATE SHOEGAZE MIXTAPE, none other comes close.

Sun Lotus “Silver” only the most heart grabbing new Shoegaze
Vanessa Van Basten “Plainsong” beautiful, all is beautiful
Solar Powered People “Last Day in Love” this is where it all ends.
Hammock “Black Metallic” The Catherine Wheel Cover stunning cover track
Bloodhounds On My Trail “She’s in My Plans” ((Sound is Love))
Loro’s “Home Video” nostalgia evoking velvety sound flowing beauty
The Pleasure Holes blast this episode of The Ultimate Shoegaze to smithereens more coming soon Chewgazers!

    Other, Shoegaze, Radio Show, Shoegazer, Alternative Rock
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • 93 bpm
    • Key: Bm
    • Newington, United States
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