"Yesterday's Girl" was recorded for an indie-film project I'm currently the composer on. This track has some pretty obvious Led Zeppelin influences, including but not limited to a real Dazed and Confused vibe. However the key, tempo, and changes are vastly different. The track was mixed with Led Zeppelin in mind however as that's what the producers of the film wanted. They want it, they get it. That's how I roll.

This track is a mood piece. Tracks like this are designed to create a vibe all their own to fit around a specific scene. For this song I highly suggest using the title as a way to set the mood for yourself as the film isn't yet completed. Usually my titles have some meaning or relate to the song in some way, and with this track, that's the case, but I prefer you draw your own conclusions as to what the title might mean to you specifically.

Enjoy and as always I'm happy the film producers allowed me to share it online. Headphones are recommended, and per-usual, CRANK IT UP!! Volumes to 11 for sure...

"Yesterday's Girl"

Composed, arranged, & performed by Jeff Fiorentino (ASCAP)

Performance notes:

Jeff Fiorentino - All Guitars
Jeff Fiorentino - Bass
Jeff Fiorentino - Drums

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Track info:

Key: E (Mixolydian, & Phrygian)
Tempo: 166 b.p.m.
Tuning: 1/2 step flat; Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb

Effects (if applicable): Ibanez Tube-screamer (TS808), MXR Stereo Chorus
Guitar: Gibson Les Paul
Amp: Marshall JCM 800

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    • Type: Original
    • 166 bpm
    • Key: E
    • © All rights reserved
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