This is the 11th annual "JFRocks Halloween" guitar rocker.. This track is an embellished adaptation of Bach's famous evil piece titled "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" (aka Toccata und Fuge). If you don't know the song by the title you likely will when my track opens for sure.

For the piece the entire piece has been re-composed and embellished for "rock/metal" guitar riffing, because well... this is a rock track.. I've given it a metal edge and added a half-time semi-melodic guitar solo right down the middle. While you may not hear it beyond the intro of the song, (which is also embellished as far as the timing being adjusted for a more rock vibe), the entire track is a twisted re-composition of the original piece, much of of that re-comp again done around the timing. Meaning the triplet verse sections for example have been changed to a quarter-note feel and vibe etc. with a harmonized accompaniment guitar added.

All that said... Crank it up!!!! and enjoy. I suggest some padding on the wall to avoid hurting your head from all the banging.. And it goes without saying... "happy Halloween".!!!

Track info:

"The wicked witch of the web" - (JFRocks Halloween 2019)

Original baseline composition by Johann Sebastian Bach
Embellishment composed, arranged, & performed by Jeff Fiorentino (ASCAP)

Performance notes:

Jeff Fiorentino - All Guitars
Jeff Fiorentino - Bass
Jeff Fiorentino - Drums

Copyright © 2019 JFRocks Music Publishing, Hollywood CA - Unauthorized use is prohibited!

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Track info:

Key: Dm
Tempo: 170 b.p.m.
Tuning: 1/2 step flat; Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb

Effects (if applicable): MXR Stereo Chorus, Boss OC-3 Super Octave, Pro Co Rat distorition unit
Guitar: Gibson Les Paul (studio model used)
Amp: Marshall JCM 800

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    • Type: Original
    • 170 bpm
    • Key: Dm
    • © All rights reserved
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