1.DOORMOUSE: Chamura noise loop
2.END.USER: Blacklight (ft Sol Thomas)
3.SUBHEAD: subhead 009 UNTITLED
4.SUBHEAD: Built of glas
5.JEFF MILLS: Hacker
6.SUBHEAD; The factory
7.MOOGULATOR: Einheit14C01
8.SOMATIC RESPONSES: Noggins revenge
9.MOOGULATOR: Vecatreq
10.SUBHEAD: idiot logic
11.SUBHEAD: Reaction
12.HYPNOSKULL: push, eject, return
14.HYPNOSKULL: give it to me
15.SOMATIC RESPONSE: approaching menace
16.HYPNOSSKULL: the final strike
17.MURMURE: fucking angry
18.SUBHEAD: grounded
19.DECEIVER: committed it all
20.HYPNOSKULL: operatio thoug guy
21.AXIOME: bidjak
22.HYPNOSKULL: one thousand 978 tales of the dark city
23.N-VITRAL: clinckflutter
24.AXIOME: smowtebol et snottebel

only vinyl

    Industrial, Rhythmic Noise, Electro
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