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"All beings have lived and died and been reborn countless times. Over and over again they have experienced the indescribable Clear Light. But because they are obscured by the darkness of ignorance, they wander endlessly in a limitless samsara."

Another Adamantis dedicated to the artists who find their inspiration in the rich traditions of Buddhism, Bön or other religious/spiritual thoughtforms.

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Previous Buddhist/Bön episode:

Original artwork: Yab Yum statue, own pic

    Phurpa - Introduction
    Shibalba - Naljorpa
    Emme Ya - Devouring the inner flame I
    Aeoga - Seize The Flaming Droplets
    Alone In The Hollow Garden - Under The Bodhi Tree
    Inade - The Pineons of the Sacred Time
    Phurpa - Emanating The Retinue Of The Deity
    Alone In The Hollow Garden & Nam-Khar - Kaivalya
    Maha Pralaya - Samten bar do (Bardo of Meditative Concentration)
    Nam-Khar - Nyan

    Ambient, ritual, dark ambient, bon
    • 93 bpm
    • Key: Gbm
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