Hark! It's an 87th Precinct Podcast!

Join us on our journey to find out what happens during "The Empty Hours" - McBain's collection of three novellas released in one volume from 1962. Carella takes on a paper-chase in the title story, whilst Meyer questions his place in the world in 'J' and Hawes goes out of town looking for loving and finding murder instead in Storm. Our research throws up some trivia about the original publication times and places for the stories, as well as info about forensic methods and a sobering look at the sort of idiots spreading race-hate then and now.

Of course we also talk a lot of the usual rubbish too! We have a look at what was going on in the early part of 1962 in Music, film, World Events and Crisps. Paul reveals a Doctor Who link to Ed McBain and Stevo contemplates undermining the podcast by reading ahead and backwards.

Join us next time for a return to the full novel format for the book from later in 1962, "Like Love". As ever, a review, rating or share on any of the platforms (but especially Apple and Stitcher!) is massively appreciated and helpful. Fare thee well.

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