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Get Down Edits - Anytime (She Goes Away)(Hot Digits Music)
P-Sol - When I See You (Hot Digits Music)
Dawn Again - We Will Miss You (Wax Digits)
Dj Steef - Primitif (Biomix Digital)
Closed Paradise - Wolf Sisters (Closed Paradise Bandcamp)
Saskin S - Downtown (Hot Digits Music) (Forthcoming)
Dr Packer - Ecstasy (Discodat)
Hi Fi Sean Feat. Bootsy Collins - Atomium (Dr Packer Remix) (Unreleased)
Massimo Vanoni - I Wanna Funk (Editorial)
JB Dizzy - Midnight Power (Disco Fruit)
Duff Disco - You And Nothing Else (Home Taping…)
Evil Smarty - If It Feels Good (Unreleased)
Dave Gerrard - Yeah Come On (Free On Soundcloud)
LTJ - Fat Thing (Hot Digits Music)
Lemon Mint - Spiral (Editorial)
Fingerman - Get My Luvin' (Masterworks Music) (Forthcoming)
Massimo Vanoni - I See You (Fingerman's Disco Odyssey Re-Edit) (Hot Digits Music)
Chris Shennan - Without Luv (Wax Digits)
Luxxury - Hold On (Greg Wilson & Peza remix) (Deep&Disco)
Sweet Tooth T - She Can't Love Ya/Feel the Same/C'Mon Sway (Fingerman Re-Edit)
Melon Bomb - Between the Sheets (Wax Digits) (Forthcoming)
Ourra - Out Run (Julian Sanza Remix) (Hot Digits Music)
Ron & Neil - You Feel It (Future Boogie Recordings)
Rare Cuts - I Didn't Take (Masterworks Music)
Fingerman - Bernie's Disco (Hot Digits Music) (Forthcoming)
Discotron - Slicker That Your Average (Tasty Recordings)
Chewy Rubs - Get Dancing (Hot Digits Music) (Forthcoming)
Lovebirds Ft. Stee Downes - Love Like Dancing (Teardrop Recordings)
Disco Deviance - Live And Let Live (Otherlover Edit) (Disco Deviance)
Goldboy - Tisno Hermanos (Hot Digits Music)
Sundre Berg - How Could Men Be So Blind? (Fingerman Club Re-Edit)(Hot Digits Music)
SHMLSS - Stand (Giant Cuts)
Tiger & Woods - The Stopper (T&W)
J-Kriv & The Disco Machine - Can't Give It Up (Dicky Trisco Remix) (File Under Disco)
Todd Terje - Inspector Norse (Fingerman Re-Edit) (Olsen)
Queen & Disco - Satisfied (Queen & Disco)
Dan Shake - Buy Yourself Some Friends (Shake Edits)
Art Of Tones - I Just Canat (Local Talk)
Secret Squirrel 10 - Side B (Secret Squirrel)
Situation - Be A Better Man (Greg Wilson & Derek Kaye Remix) (Situationism)
Space Echo - Rainbow Power (Luv Shack)
Christopher Cross - Ride Like The Wind (Joey Negro Remix) (Z Records)

    2:52:40   Tiger & Woods - The Stopper
    3:03:20   Todd Terje - Inspector Norse

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