Live fortnightly Sundays on and local DAB radio in East Sussex


Ourra - Video Girl
Rayko - Betcha
Dr Packer - I'm Gonna Getcha
Lauer - Hump Acid (Lexx Mix)
LTJ Experience - Don't Let The System Get You Down
Private Agenda - Full Moon (Life On Planets Mix)
Julian Sanza - Cant Stop The Feeling (Spirit Catcher Mix)
Closed Paradise - Breakin' Down
Martin Hayes - Thrills (Basic Feelings)
Matt Flores - Ahamkara (Dj Steef Mix)
Soul Minority - Down The Road (Loz Goddard Mix)
Snacks - Between You & Me (Ooft! Remix)
Goldboy - Tisno Hermanos
Ron & Neil - You Feel It
Joakim - Biopeba
Secret Squirrel 10 - Side A
Fouk - Lefty's Bar (Brame & Hamo Mix)
Junktion - Wide Awake
SHMLSS - Get Up!
C Da Afro - Hot Disco Night (The Funk District Mix)
Secret Squirrel 10 - Side B
Beranek - Dra Te Haelvete (Todd Terje Acid Mix)

    1:44:20   C. Da Afro - Hot Disco Night

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