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DISCO Radioshow episode 201 mixed and presented by Manuel Cerny

DISCO is not an Oldies-Show. As long as the music belongs to the Eurodance, Vocaltrance, Happysound-Corner and as long at it is an excellent production, it will be played, no matter if it's new or old. So you will find some modern Tracks here, too. Okay, the DJ-Combo-Track I would not play once again anymore. That's not really what I like to listen to. Just take it as an example of the kind of music I usually won't support.

Although you hear some Vinyl-noise on the GTS-Project, it is a brand-new Track giving you the nice warm DISCO-feeling back to your loudspeakers. Very beautiful warm emotions I also get whenever I listen to "Not too late" by the Housecrusherzzz. I really hope they keep on producing such nice music in future although the Mastering could be much better as the Dynamic-Compressor is already set too high and therefore you will experience a "pumping" sound. Unfortunately the "Loudness War" takes already place in the producer's studio and not alone at the radio-station anymore. It's been produced like that, I can't change the sound to anything better. But I hope you will like it anyway.

Beside that, you'll find many golden music from the 1990s, all perfectly mastered and in a 100% clear fresh crystal-clear sound. My DISCO stands for HiFi-sound and I will not destroy the high quality by playing bad mastered Tracks.

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    2:49   DJ Combo ft. Tony T, Alba Kras, Sherman de Vries, DJ Raphael - Happy People (Stephan F Remix Edit)
    6:25   GTS Project - Disco (Funky 70s Mix)
    10:24   Housecrusherzzz - Not too late (Radio Edit)
    15:10   Unit feat. Red Bone - Move your body (Single Mix)
    19:09   Ice MC - Take away the colour ('95 Reconstruction) (Radio Edit)
    23:10   Space Pilots - Trip to Orion (Airplay Cut)
    27:20   Plastic Age - Glory of Love (Soft for Radio Edit)
    31:29   Samira - Love Train (Radio Edit)
    35:24   The Kinky Boyz - You spin me round (7'' Illusive Mix)
    40:34   Dark A.T.8 - You better run (Edit)
    44:30   Lionrock - Packet of peace (7'' Edit)
    48:20   U 96 - Night in motion (Video Version)
    52:30   Culture Beat - Got to get it (Radio Mix)
    56:50   Scooter - Bora! Bora! Bora!

    • Type: Podcast
    • Release Date: 07/08/2017 4:35 PM
    • manuelmusic@t-online.de
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