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Hi there! My name is Eric Barnhill. I'm a piano graduate of the Juilliard School, and learned to improvise at the Dalcroze School of New York.

I started the Daily Improvisation about 10 years ago as a way of forcing myself to produce improvisations every day. It has gone through many phases and the archives are available at . Of late I feel I have settled into my own personal style, and that is what you will find here.

I was trained as a classical pianist and the classical sound is what is in my blood. So that is how I improvise -- unabashedly classical, usually producing conventional harmonies, but never with an explicit plan, just letting my heart and ear dictate what comes next. Form emerges naturally, and themes in the improv return. That makes me a little different (not better or worse) than some other classical improvisers, who don't return to previously improvised thematic material. I like to recapitulate.

Yes these pieces are 100% improvised. Sometimes I have established some of the feeling and themes before hitting record, but I make sure to start with a blank slate every time. That means they are imperfect, so please expect that. Every now and then I have a fumble in the middle, but if I am happy with the expressive ideas in the improv, I am likely to keep it anyway.

Thanks for joining me on this journey and send any questions or comments my way!

    • 89.5 bpm
    • Key: B
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