2011 unreleased.
Beat/songwriting/Lyrics: Soulcat E-Phife

Say: Stop the trash talk! You don't even have to mention your time is full of tension, I put you on detention and steal your mind while you're looking at mine, but the grey sirs sit in my mind... got the bank cooking have I ever mentioned I stopped caring 'bout your whinin' over gas, mass, spirit and the upper class classified as a misfit to feel you're save where you stand where nobody ever gon' put their hand on now till the paper mill bends your neck on and on as I misfit and I remeasure the sense of continuity I cut the treasure cause words will last watch the past as we recite all that intellectual talk the thinking of the greater minds either you place timeless statements yourself or you gonna eat mines for sure and as the pendulum strikes for sure we know that time is for sure we know your spirits is for sure you will be fed cause the time is the essence the question is how you gonna spend it now while some walk the sideline feasting on your check if they can jesus signed a blank check and I retain the credit supposed to be all you wanted to achieve is a big sign sayin' let it be and as you chase the game beeing game to the watcher I'm like the blade of the paranoid butcher lost in blood rage you better choose the golden cage where hate still matches the silence before the storm and love is like the cold steel you gonna feel for sure before you wake up knowing there's more and the healthy flesh turns to wounds watch my black skin enlighten, we're from the same star black, come gather so I can tell you who we are we're the rescue time is the essence so how you gon' spend it you're blindfold...

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