Here's my latest single, folks. It's a song I wrote in the Dom. Rep. and recorded as soon as I came back to Europe. It's pretty heartfelt and I hope you like it.



So I'm in paradise chillin
looking at a fan drawing circles up the ceiling
the sea is brilliant like I remenisce your eye colors shone in several tones
while smoke blurrs my sight, I breathe, I'm alright
The joys I got still pullin' us apart
and as the dawn sets in is like I'm feelin' you within
everyday wearin your shirt you gave before we parted
desire piercing deeply leaves me ache-hearted
the sound of my foaming heart, shakin' waves, clickin' claves, meltin' shores and the music I crave
keepin' me alive like the patterns of good vibes
assembling your voice in my head when I frown, makin' smile
so I'm readin' your lines
I lay it down and I weep
couldn't get much sleep
nights are hot and breezy,
the absence of your scent makin' breathin in deeply needless
and having my way hurts. Everytime I think about who left
I go, you go mingle with the folk while I'm gone for long
I know I'm looking for a pen cause I plan to write to you,
putting words together letter by letter
still the words won't flow
tryin' to make a love last stimulating the past
my desicions scream we've been put on a a test
I got thousands of regrets and thoughts manifestin'
I hate to keep acting like I'm puttin' all my heart into that
I'm stroke to hear you're strugglin' out there
seems like keeping yourself busy is the only way to ride
survive through the nights (Echo)
All I want is to see your face again, trying to make it smile
Amor, te extra├▒o
It's 25 hours to get back, two for writing a new track
and that's what I've done last while I'm reassembling my past
being far away, keep in mind:

Love won't stay
Love won't stray
Love won't stray that easy
We should keep makin it work
We should always see another day

We still always see another
day, another
We should always see another
day, another
We still always see another day

Keep in mind,
Love won't stray easily
We should try to make it work
we'd still always see

released 11 March 2014
Lyrics written by Soulcat E-Phife
Music written by: Ra-B Groovebuz

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