I re-released this album under my real name, "Elias Epp", since it is self-released and I am having trouble to claim the "Seramind" artist pages on various music distribution sites.

I made "2B" during a stressful phase in my life. Wanted to calm myself, let the stress fade away and concentrate on positive emotions and my way of life.

The title "2B" is a reflection of that feeling I had. I just wanted "to be" and let go.

The track titles came to being when I played with the google translate feature in the latin language.

Most tracks are ambient, drone. I experimented with some VSTs, mostly Iblit, my favourite synthesizer VST, lots of reverb, delay and stretching, layering and re-stretching.


Cover art made by Nadja Krause.

    • 94.5 bpm
    • Key: Fm
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