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    INFINITIES END (book4), EXODUS -ACT22 "WAR"320kbit/s

    #2 INFINITIES END (book4), EXODUS -ACT22 "WAR" by DJ53X
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Two figures walk across a smashed landscape, one being led in chains come into view. Mina and Enki plan on a means of striking at Damocles using the small band of humanity left, however Damocles decides on a decisive strike to wipe out all the human survivors. Attacking with surgical precision the survivors of the human race are wiped out leaving Mina and Enki standing alone on a desolate, dead and now uninhabited Earth. Damocles appears before Enki and Mina and suggests they surrender and join him, when they refuse he motions for the two figures from the opening to come into view.Once again Mina stands before Dr. Frankenstein and the now re-animated and disfigured Adam in Chains. The 2 flee, but Mina knows in her heart the end for her and her son is near unless they can somehow escape this dead hellish planet.

    DJ53X - WAR (prolog)
    Within Temptation - Dangerous (A hopeless fight/ Mina, Enki)
    Venom - Hand Of God (Damocles)
    Slayer - God Send Death (A Final Prophecy/ Damocles)
    Testament - Eyes Of Wrath (Striking Back/ ENKI)
    Stuck Mojo - Trick (Strategy Failure/ ENKI)
    Nightwish - Last Ride of The Day (Fight for your lives/ Mina, Enki, the Survivors)
    Delain - Invidia (Mina)
    Kamelot - Death Blow (Mina, Enki)
    Scorpions - Humanity (Extinction of mankind/ ENKI)
    Rob Zombie - Jesus Frankenstein (We meet again/ Frankenstein)
    Type O Negative - The Profits Of Doom (My Death Embrace/ Adam)
    Ozzy Osbourne - Thunder Underground ( Revenge at last/Adam)
    Ozzy Osbourne - Revelations (We failed them all/ ENKI)
    Susan Boyle - Who I was Born To Be ( A Funeral For Humanity/Mina)

    Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Soundscapes, sound track, dj53x
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