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    THE MUNCHKIN SUITE ( an OZ prequel) by DJ53X
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This is a short "side" story to my full opera "OZ" coming on August 27, 2020 It roughly tells the story of how Munchkin land came into being, and how Elpha (The Munchkin Queen) was betrayed by her lover (The Wizard) in exchange for power and influence with the wicked witch. A move he quickly regretted. Now, the Munchkins cursed by the wicked witch with small size and blunted intelect have been reduced to Slaves, prostitutes, and with the arrival of "The Emerald City Butcher" it would seem they serve as food as well. It also tells the account of how Dorothy once she arrived joined the fight to overthrow and destroy the witch and wizard.
Projects like this allow me to give you a bit more detail in the story that would either be lost or too difficult to get across in the main project. So sit back...and welcome to my version of "OZ".

Elpha: Poppy, Nightclub
The Wizard: Peter Gabreil
The Wicked Witch: In This Moment
Dorothy: Tarja, Lizzy Hale
The Butcher: Mandy Lion & WWIII
Additional music: DJ53X, Dance With The Dead, & Mega-Wave

story c.2019 "sex stories" p.2019-fearless heart productions

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    DJ53X/WW3/Dance With The dead - Over the Rainbow/Munchkin Suite Pt1
    Dance With The Dead - Become Wrath (The Curse)
    Nightclub - Scary World (What we've become/Elpha)
    Poppy - The Crown (Sold out each other/ Elpha & The Wizard)
    WW3 - Love At First Bite (Collecting live stock/The Butcher)
    Dance With The Dead - Blood Moon (Under the witch's gaze)
    Nightclub/Peter Gabriel - Our Last Conversation (Elpha/The Wizard)
    In This Moment - Sinner (A Reality check/The Wicked Witch)
    Peter Gabriel - Darkness (Having 2nd Thoughts/The Wizard)
    Dance With The Dead - Blind (A Storm Breaks)
    In This Moment - Roots (I detect a threat/Wicked With)
    Poppy - Am I girl? (Meeting this new stranger/Elpha)
    Tarja - Supremacy (Calling out a witch/Dorothy)
    Peter Gabriel - Lead A Normal Life (The Wizard)
    Peter Gabriel - Red Rain (Revolution on the winds/The Wizard)
    WW3 -Over The Rainbow (Munchkin Suite pt2) -
    Halestorm - Killing Ourselves To Live (Down The Yellow Brick Road/ Dorothy)
    Nightclub - Little Token (Elpha)
    Nightclub - Pray (Freedom is at hand/Elpha & The Munchkins)
    Dance With The Dead - Theres A Storm Coming (OZ Theme)

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