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    INFINITIES END (book 2), Act 13 - BITTER MEMORIES320kbit/s

    #5 INFINITIES END (book 2), Act 13 - BITTER MEMORIES by DJ53X
    Good heavy metal...a greetings from Spain..!
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After the rebel attack on Dracula again ends in defeat, their forces scatter seeking shelter in the surrounding mountains. As they re group for yet another attempt, Mina finally completes her regeneration. As she walks thru the ranks on the eve of the attack she happens on a man close to death. She kneels next to him as he tells her of his lost wife and daughter, Mina suddenly realizes this man is in fact Eva's father. As he dies in her arms Mina sings to him in Eva's voice, then Eva along with her father fades away. Instantly the black rage and power fills Mina once again. The rebels obliterate Dracula's forces during the next assault, causing him to flee with but a handful of soldiers into the fortress. As the rebels clelebrate outside the very gates, he pleads again with Damocles to interviene, again the demon refuses.
As the sun sets the next day he resigns himself to fate, and goes out to face Mina at last. Filled with rage, hate, and vengeance he is no match for Mina, and she quickly breaks him. Before he dies he reveals to Mina that Frankenstein had unravelled the secret to vampire phsyology, that they were not meant to be vessels of evil, but rather the catalyst for the next great evolution on mankind. He also tells her of a vehicle designed and built by Frankenstein hidden on the fortress grounds. And howhe had intended to use it to flee the curse of Damocles, and mankind. Mina with no emotion pushes her hand into his chest ripping out his cold heart and watches emotionless as he turns to dust...and is no more. As the victory is celebrated Mina tells adam of his fathers work and the ship. The 2 soon realize this world is no place for 2 immortals, and decide to find the ship and leave. They also realize their feeling for each other are changing, growing deeper.

    3:30   DJ53X - Prolog
    5:30   DJ53X - Bitter Memories
    9:30   Nightwish - I Want My Tears Back (Adam-Mina-forget the past)
    14:30   Red - Hymn For The Missing (Eva's father/Mina)
    19:00   Ozzy Osbourne - Facing Hell (Damocles-No future)
    21:00   Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears (Damocles - No help from me)
    28:00   Alice in Chains - Lesson Learned (Dracula-left to my fate)
    32:00   Megaherz - Showdown (Dracula-ready for war 1)
    35:00   Eisbrecher - Dreizehn (Dracula-Ready for war2)
    37:30   Ghost - Cirice (Damocles- I can be your ally Mina)
    43:00   Nightwish - Master Passion Greed (Adam/Mina-Battle Begins)
    46:30   Nightwish - Yours Is an Empty Hope (Dracula/Mina-Battle is joined)
    51:00   Kamelot - End of Innocence (Dracula - retreat)
    54:00   Nightwish - Rest Calm (Mina-eve of the end)
    58:30   DJ53X - Reflections of the defeated
    59:30   Nightwish - √Član (Mina- Victory!!)
    1:03:30   Stone Sour - The House Of Gold & Bones (Dracula-my last fight)
    1:08:00   Epica - Unleashed (Mina-the challenge)
    1:12:00   Nightwish - Ghost River (Mina/Dracula-War of words)
    1:16:00   Nightwish - The Siren (Mina)
    1:19:30   Marilyn Manson - I Have to Look Up Just to See Hell (Dracula)
    1:22:30   Orgy - Can't Take This (Dracula)
    1:25:00   Stone Sour - Tired (Dracula)
    1:29:00   Megadeth - Of Mice and Men (Dracula- my twisted past)
    1:32:30   In This Moment - Big Bad Wolf (Mina-Now you die)
    1:34:30   Nightwish - Live To Tell The Tale (Mina)
    1:38:00   Epica - Resign to Surrender ~ A New Age Dawns (Mina-The world without you)
    1:44:00   Korn - Prey For Me (Dracula-End this nightmare)
    1:46:30   Eisbrecher/DJ53X - So oder so/Death Of The Dragon (Damocles)
    1:51:00   Nightwish - The Crow, The Owl And The Dove (Mina/Adam- the future together?)

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