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    JEKYLL & HYDE act2: "THE DEVIL IN THE MAN"320kbit/s

    #10 JEKYLL & HYDE act2: "THE DEVIL IN THE MAN" by DJ53X
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Henry is Enjoying his new enhanced life, but Hyde is becoming more and more difficult to control. One evening she triggers a transformation without the use of the elixir, and corners and kills his fiance she tells Henry that from now on she will be the dominate personality. Using an antidote to the formula he is able to bring her under control, but to keep her away he can never use the drug again. Hyde pleads with him to reconsider, going so far as telling him she is falling in love with him. With Poole's help he has himself locked up. Day and night his screams for the potion turn into pleads for Hyde, saying that he loves her and wants her back. However Poole suspects this is more than likely the drug and not love. Suddenly all is quiet within Jekyll's rooms for weeks. When Poole releases him Jekyll informs him of a new experiment, a new formula that will physically separate him and Hyde into 2 separate living beings, so they can be together forever. Before Poole can stop him Henry locks himself in his lab to continue working on a method to free Eliza forever. He finally devises a method to keep them apart, although not permanent it does allow close contact...and Henry finally gives in to Eliza's advances.

    DJ53X - Act2: The Devil In The Man Prolog
    DJ53X - Transformation
    Adam Lambert - Pick U up (Things are looking up/Henry)
    RED - Fight Inside (Find a final solution/William)
    DJ53X - Transform (without warning)
    In This Moment - Big Bad Wolf (Killing competition /Eliza)
    DJ53X - Transform (flee the scene of the crime)
    Queen - All Dead,All Dead (Finding Elizabeth's Body/Henry)
    Alice Cooper - Steven (Internal Conflicts/Henry)
    DJ53X - Transformation (fuck me)
    In This Moment - Sex Metal Barbie (You are Mine now/Eliza)
    Device - Close My Eyes Forever (Forever Beloved/ Henry-Eliza)
    HIM - Gone With The Sun (I love you/Henry)
    SIXX A.M. - Accidents can Happen (Not to late to end this/Poole)
    Marilyn Manson - I Don't Like The Drugs ( This is my destiny/Henry)
    DJ53X - Walk Along The Tems.
    Scorpions - Still Loving You (Henry)
    Dodge - Sucker Punch (Closer to the final solution)
    Hinder - Waking Up the Devil ( I Warn you Poole/Henry)
    Queen - Say Its Not True (I cant give up on you/Poole)

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