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    INFINITY'S END (book3), "ENKI" act20 "MEGIDDO"320kbit/s

    INFINITY'S END (book3), "ENKI" act20 "MEGIDDO" by DJ53X
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After the surprise attack by Damocles, the only survivors are Mina who is badly wounded, Adam who is also wounded, Enki, and Aniya who only survived because Adam shielded her with his body. Enki is so enraged by the attack that he vows to destroy Damocles and to protect his mother until she can heal. Adam however has had enough of Minas deception and her new alliance with her bastard son, he and Aniya leave them behind. Adam and Aniya join forces with Damocles, and launch a new attack on the survivors, Now healed Mina and Enki repel the attack, Adam and Aniya are taken captive. Tired of his hatred Mina forces Adam to watch as she bleeds Aniya dry, and then watches as Enki tears him apart piece by piece. they know they are hopelessly out numbered and decide the only hope is to take the few surviving humans left and leave Earth. On the eve of thier departure Damocles launches a massive attack, Enki decides to fight, he only hopes his mother is up to the task.

    0:00   JVK/DJ53x - Prolog
    2:00   Pink Floyd - on the turning away (The truth in my heart/ENKI)
    7:30   Megadeth - SYMPHONY OF DESTRUCTION (The reality/Damocles)
    11:30   Cancer Bats - Into the Void (A war we cannot win/Adam)
    15:00   Halford - Hell's Last Survivor (Damocles)
    18:30   Five Finger Death Punch - Meet My Maker (Desertion/Adam)
    21:00   ELYSION - Fairytale (Mina)
    22:30   ELYSION - Made of Lies (For The Love we once had/Mina)
    25:30   After Forever - Discord (Mina)
    30:30   A Pale Horse Named Death - Day of the Storm (Passing sentence on Earth/Damocles)
    36:00   Porcupine Tree - Blackest Eyes ( The new morality/Damocles)
    40:30   Meditation Spa Society - Corridors of the Mind
    42:00   Adam Lambert - Mad World (last Words/Adam)
    45:00   Imperia - Broken Hearts (last words/Aniya)
    47:30   Devil You Know - How the End Shall Be (Defiant/ENKI)
    51:00   Disturbed - The Curse (Each to their fate/Damocles)
    53:00   Disturbed - Indestructible (Move to war/Damocles)

    Heavy Metal, Soundscapes, Soundtrack, thrash metal, Hard Rock, Symphonic Metal, Black Metal
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