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    ELLY - Act One - "Witchcraft" by DJ53X
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We fade in on a sailing ship headed towards the US coastline, again fading into a fly over of a small village zooming in on a church. The year is 1634.
Dissolve to the interior of the church where some sort of trial seems to be taking place. A woman dressed completely in black and in chains stands in the center of the room. In front of her a long table with four men seated at it, all apparently either priests or some sort of other religious leader. Pacing back and forth between them is a man about 48 years old dressed in an all-black bishop’s robe. The man’s name is Nathanial Marcolin arch-bishop of the New Maryland Provinces. The Woman’s name is Elly Kedward a beautiful 23 year old immigrant who arrived in this town 2 short years ago, who now stands accused of the disappearances and or murders of almost half of the towns children. A deed she supposedly carried out by means of witchcraft.

As Marcolin launches accusation after accusation at her, Elly denounces her judges and their twisted take on faith. In short order she is found guilty, and immediately taken to the center of town and hung.
At the very moment she drops from the gallows, we flashback to 2 years earlier when Elly first arrived in this small town. This small town called Blair.

From the steps of the church Marcolin watches Elly as she walks into town for the first time, at once he is captivated by her beauty, and despite his vows a burning desire for her. At first offering her friendship his intentions quickly shift to those of a more physical nature. Despite repeated attempts to win her favor and bed Elly politely refuses his advances. Finally she can stand no more and tells Marcolin that not only does she find him physically repulsive but he is much too old for her. With this rejection his desire becomes all consuming, and later that night he rapes her.
Afterwards he his approached by a strange man named Scratch, who claims that for the price of his soul he can change Elly’s opinion of him to make her receptive to all his whims. Marcolin Agree’s but doesn’t realize that scratch has already visited with Elly to assist her in gaining vengeance against him.

Mr. Scratch as part of his arrangement with Elly has given her the powers of witchcraft to do as she will against Marcolin. She does not realize however that the cost of this gift is not only her soul but bit by bit erases her goodness, and humanity.
With her new powers she curses Marcolin to seek to satisfy his dark passions against the children of town, gaining revenge not only against him but against the town that turned its back on her. After 3 young girls are discovered raped and mutilated, the search goes out for the culprit, Marcolin however suspects a darker force at work and suggests the deed the work of a witch the most likely guilty party the town’s newest member Elly. Knowing these actions were by his hand he prays for redemption to a deaf and indifferent God. Marcolin’s and Elly’s dark evil desires grow stronger and stronger with the town of Blair and its children in the middle.
Lucian Scratch needless to say is in a word delighted

    0:30   Hans Zimmer/DJ53X - 1643 Sailing to Maryland
    3:00   Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath (The Prosecutions case/Marcolin)
    7:00   Rob Zombie - American Witch (Closing arguments/Marcolin)
    9:00   Lacuna Coil - Heaven's A Lie (Elly's Curse/ELLY)
    13:30   Alice Cooper/DJ53x - Killer( The execution-back in time)
    16:00   Kamelot - Under Grey Skies (1641 Arrival in Blair/ELLY-Marcolin)
    21:00   Kamelot - Fallen Star ( A divine temptation/Marcolin)
    22:30   Guns n Roses - Give Yourself To Me (A new suitor/ Marcolin)
    26:30   Sirenia - This Lonely Lake (My new start/ ELLY)
    29:00   Alice Cooper - You're My Temptation (Marcolin)
    33:30   Aimee Mann - Wise Up (Rejection/ELLY)
    37:00   Stone Temple Pilots - Sex Type Thing (The rape/Marcolin)
    40:30   Alice Cooper - Nothing's Free (lets make a deal/ Scratch)
    44:30   Sirenia - My Mind´s Eye (New power/ELLY)
    46:30   Epica - White Waters (Evil enchantment/ELLY & Marcolin)
    51:00   Black Sabbath - Who Are You? (Marcolin)
    55:00   Candlemass - Black Dwarf (I have been Damned/Marcolin)
    57:30   Korn - Bottled Up Inside (Cursed to murder/Marcolin)
    1:00:30   Judas Priest - Let Us Prey (Town Elders)
    1:01:30   Judas Priest - A Touch of Evil (The first murder/Marcolin)
    1:06:00   Kamelot - Here's To The Fall (Prayer to a silent God/Marcolin)
    1:10:00   Winter In Eden - Fate Will Oblige (Revenge is Sweet/ELLY)

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