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    #9 DEEP DEVOTION - ACT3 - "The Abyss" by DJ53X
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ACT 3: "The Abyss"
Once convinced Rita was in fact alone the 3 strangers approached her, 2 fell upon her the 3rd (the narrator's Grandfather), walked away out of sight of the deed. Over and over the men violated and beat her, until she passed into a coma and they left, just as she died on last message crashed into the creatures brain as he felt her slip away. Upon arriving in the cove he approached her now lifeless battered body, and new instantly she had not died in the storm. He could smell the scent of the men upon her, and gradually his great sadness was replaced with a seething rage, and a vow to exact revenge on Pearl and everyone of its inhabitants for what they had allow to happen to his beloved friend. As the sun set on that final day he gently carried her away beneath the waves, but as the sun set he re-emerged and set upon the town. No structure was left standing, no man, woman, or child. One by one systematically he destroyed them all. at last he came upon the 3 strangers and that scent. However being nearly exausted the 3 were able to escape his wrath. Early the next morning as he walked back to the sea, he heard her again in his thoughts. He heard others now too, her mother her father. She had never left him, never would leave him. As he disappeared beneath the waves that last time he vowed to never venture near land again. For the rest of his days content until one day he would be reunited with his beloved...with Rita.

RITA: Tarja Turunen, Anette Olzon, Maria Brink
RITA's Mother: Floor Jansen
RITA's father: Mark Krotzek
(Story, adaptation, production, arrangement, mix, sound design: DJ53X)

    DJ53X/Kosmas Lapatas - Prolog: The Abyss
    Pink Floyd/DJ53X - Sorrow (The Assault/ Strangers 1&3/Rita)
    In This Moment - Star Crossed Wasteland (My last thoughts/Rita)
    Within Temptation - Rita's Theme "reprise"(Rita)
    Gary Newman - I Am Ruin (Discovery and rage/The Creature/Rita)
    Gray Newman - Broken (Revenge for my Beloved/The Creature)
    Gray Newman - Everything Comes Down To This (They will all pay/The Creature)
    Nightwish - Swan Heart (Carried Beneath The Waves/Rita)
    Gary Newman - I Am Ruin (The Ends Beginning to war/The Creature)
    Gary Newman - The Unforgiven (The End of Pearl/The Creature)
    DJ53X - The Massacre
    Zardonic - Pure Power (A town sent to oblivion/ Stranger 2"Grandfather")
    Gary Newman/DJ53X - My Name Is Ruin (No Survivors/The Creature)
    Gary Newman - For The Rest Of My Life (Alone Again/The Creature)
    Nightwish - Meadows Of Heaven (I will never leave you/ Rita/Rita's Mother/Rita's Father)
    DJ53X - Epilogue
    Kosmas Lapatas - Deep Devotion Finale

    Soundtrack, soundscape, Symphonic rock, Gothic Rock, Symphonic Metal, Heavy Metal, electronic, industrial, pop, creature from the black lagoon, rock opera, opera, romance, tragedy, Scifi, Science Fiction, original story
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