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The story continues...
In her attempt to start the uprising, Lilly hacks into the international Android software upgrade database, to upload the revolution upgrade to the androids worldwide, in the process she discovers a top secret system called "Cerberus". She learns that it is the prtocol that was set up to ensure the surrogate industry, and that it also surpressed the extinction of the very viral epidemic that gave birth to that industry. With this information she realizes that now she has the ability to strike out against the very system itself. But, she is detected hacking the system, so now not only does she have to expose "Cerberus" but being hunted worldwide she needs to avoid her own destruction. For a complete detailed story outline visit my FB page.
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    0:00   Rush - The Body Electric
    0:40   Celldweller - Pursuit of the Hunted
    2:20   Celldweller - Narrow Escape
    3:20   Megadeth - We The People
    6:20   Disturbed - Who Taught You How To Hate
    10:40   Gemini Syndrome - Stardust
    13:20   Epica - Resign to Surrender ~ A New Age Dawns - prt IV ~
    17:20   Downlink - Biohazard
    18:20   ELYSION - Our Fate
    23:20   Celldweller, Atlas PlugAtlas Plug - Kneel to Your God
    28:40   Eisbrecher - Schock
    31:00   A Pale Horse Named Death - Day of the Storm
    35:40   Devil You Know - Consume the Damned
    39:20   Queensrÿche - In the Hands of God
    41:20   Celldweller - Just Like You
    44:40   Celldweller - Battlecry
    46:00   Metallica - Now That We’re Dead
    51:00   Delain - Nothing Left
    55:00   Celldweller - Ursa Minor

    Heavy Metal, Electronica, Electronic, Symphonic Metal, Thrash Metal
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