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    OZ - "THE PATCH WORK GIRL" (ACT4/The Heart Of OZ)320kbit/s

    OZ - "THE PATCH WORK GIRL"  (ACT4/The Heart Of OZ) by DJ53X
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DOROTHY - Evanescience/Amaranthe
PAWWPETTS - z.z. Ward
THE WIZARD (aka The TinMan) - The Dark Tenor/Amaranthe
GLENDA - Epica
Narrator - DJ53X

Additional music by: Dance With The Dead & Perturbator.
Atmosphererics, Sound FX, Additional music and remixes - DJ53X
Project art created and designed by DJ53X

Story, Programming, concept, and production: DJ53X
based on characters by L. Frank Baum
except the charactor "Pawwpetts" created by DJ53X
P.2020 Fearless Heart Productions & 53x stories LLC.

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    DJ53X - ACT 4 "The Heart Of OZ" Prologue
    Epica - Inside These Walls (The Final Sunrise Suite)
    DJ53X - The Uprising Begins
    Epica - Dedicate Your Heart (To War-Glenda/Dorothy/The Wizard & The Rebels)
    Amaranthe - Viral (All or Nothing-Dorothy/The Wizard)
    DJ53X - Sinister Intervention
    Myrkur - The Serpent (Exterminate Resistance/The Patch Work Girl)
    Poppy - Play Destroy (An Ultimatum/The Patch Work Girl)
    Evanescence - Hi Lo (The Surrender of OZ/Dorothy)
    DJ53X - The Heart Of OZ
    Epica - Canvas Of Life (A Trade for peace/Glenda)
    Epica - Canvas Of Life "Reprise" (Glenda's Departure)
    Evanescence - Use My Voice (This seems Wrong/Dorothy)
    DJ53X - The Bargain Is Agreed Upon.
    The Dark Tenor - I Miss You (The Wizard)
    Poppy - Fill The Crown (Things could be Worse/The Patch Work Girl)
    Epica - Unchain Utopia (Freedom Won-Glenda/Dorothy/The Wizard/People Of OZ)
    Poppy - Track 3 (Final Communication & Departure/Patch Work Girl)
    DJ53X - 10 Years Later
    Epica - Immortal Melancholy (A Favor to Ask/Glenda)
    Evanescence - The End Of The Dream (The Bitter Memories/Dorothy)
    DJ53X - Return To Earth
    DJ53X - The Truth In It All (Epilog)
    R. Strauss - Der Rosenklavier ( Emerald City anthem "Reprise")

    Rock, Metal, Symphonic Metal, Electronica, Electronic, Industrial Hardcore, Industrial, theatrical, Rock Opera, sound track, soundtrack, sound scape, the wizard of oz, dj53x, digital visions radio, the powersource show
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