Diggin Diamonds 8 (Vinyl only)

Digged all kin(d)gs of stuff for this edition. Just whatever I like. Afrobeat, Spiritual-Jazz, Library-Shit, Balearic-Grooves, Reggae-Tunes, 70s Electronic Frickle sounds, Funk Stuff, etc. Trying to keep it vinyl only (Usually I dig every media I stumble upon).

Watch out for my new series: "DJ Funkshion - Black Series" (Holy grail & vinyl only)


01 Phil Yost - Ellipse For Bluejay
02 Sandwidi Pierre - Nab Wind Sigda
03 The Positive Force With Ade Olatunji - The Weight Don't Make Things No Lighter
04 Jean-Claude Pelletier Et Son Orchestre - Hello Streakers!
05 Gianni Sposito - Giullari di Andromeda
06 Alain Chamfort - Bambou
07 如月小春 - Neo-Plant (Posi)
08 Uncle Funkenstein - Uncle Funkenstein
09 Lennie Hibbert - Go For Yourself
10 Djamel Allam - Rani Lah
11 Monty Reynolds and His Silver Seas Orchestra - Not Me
12 Christie Azumah & The Uppers International - Di Ya Sugri

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    • 92.5 bpm
    • Key: Gm
    • Germany
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