My mate Swifty asked me to make some kind of short jingle or two, possibly even mini mash-ups, to use as intros for a couple of his podcasts. I think he gave me a few ideas for stuff he would like in there if possible, but not to break my back trying to make them work if they were not playing fairly. I think that i genuinely surprised myself with an OK-ish job in a short time. And if i remember correctly then he was happy enough with this one to pay me a modest (but greatly appreciated) commission. Still my only one to date. Another mate (Skinny Lizzie) did try to get me to do a dubstep remix of ''Santa Baby'' soon after. But i got distracted by a squirrel halfway through. And here we are, now a couple of years later, and that one is still no closer to getting finished.
Anyway, Swifty might have liked my work for him, but his listeners were not to keen for whatever reason(s). So i am not sure if he still uses it as i've not caught one of his shows in an embarrassingly long time (soooo, sooooo sorry mate!). So i guess the moral of the story is.... Here is what i could do, in a hurry, with the equipment, software, and knowledge that i had back then. And paying me upfront seems, so far at least, to make me finish the bloody job this side of the year 3000. Anyway, see how many tiny and chopped-up bits of famous tunes and films you recognise.

    Mash-Up // Radio Show Jingle, Mash-Up // Radio Show Jingle, Mash-up, Mashup, Jingle
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    • 88 bpm
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