Here's a mix of pop and rock mash-ups and covers. Plus one or two original tunes (i mean NON mashed ones). This is a fuller version of something i started ( and uploaded a shorter version of ) a while back. It's kind of a mix of two halfs. With the first half being mostly up-tempo, and the second half being well chilled out (almost ambient in fact). And yes, i realise that ''Teen Spirit'' crops up three different times. But it sounds WAY different every time! Anyway, the track listing is:

01: Britney Spears V's Queens Of The Stone Age - ''Toxic Secret'' (Mash-Up by TimG)

02: Ladytron - ''Destroy Everything You Touch’’

03: Ben E. King V's Mr Oizo - ''Stand By Eric'’ (Mash-Up by D.J.M.)

04: James Brown V's Led Zeppelin - ''Whole Lotta Sex Machine’’ (Mash-Up by D.J. Sweet?)

05: Bee Gees V's The Police V's Groove Armada - ''Roxanne Should Be Dancing’’ (Mash-Up by D.J. Morgoth?)

06: Stevie Wonder V's The Clash - ‘’Uptight, Rock The Casbah'' (Mash-Up by Dunproofin)

07: White Stripes V's Nirvana - ''7 Nation Teen Spirit'’ (Mash-Up by D.J. BootOX)

08: Metallica V's Herbie Hancock - ''Master Of Doin' It'’ (Mash-Up by Wax Audio)

09: The Ting Tings V's The Knack V's Toni Basil - ''That's Not My Name’’ (Mash-Up by Justin Kayes?)

10: Neneh Cherry V's The Ting Tings V's David Bowie V's Nirvana - ''A Buffalo Ting’’ (Mash-Up by Xam?)

11: Nirvana V's Michael Jackson - ''Smells Like Rockin Robin'’ (Mash-Up by Go Home Productions)

12: Ariana Grande V’s Wheatus - ‘’Dirtbag Santa’’ (Slight Re-Mix // Mash-Up by me, but blame Lizzie)

13: Bill Withers V's Pantera - ''Use My Mouth For War'' (Mash-Up by Bill McClintock)

14: Haley Reinhart - ''Black Hole Sun'' (Soundgarden cover)

15: Daniela Andrade - ''Where Is My Mind'' (Pixies cover), + an American Dad sample

16: Noah Hawley and Jeff Russo - ‘’I Am Superman’’ (Clique cover)

17: Nouvelle Vague - ''Golden Brown'' (Stranglers cover)

18: Coldplay V's System Of A Down - ''Fixicity'' (Mash-Up by Mad Martigan, 2010 Version)

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    • Sheffield, United Kingdom
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