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0:00:00—"Uh Uh, No No Casual Sex" by Carrie McDowell (1987)
0:04:07—"Sexy Girl" by Cliché (1980)
0:12:36—"Don't Stay for Breakfast" by Ströer (1980)
0:17:45—"Plastic Love" by Zed (1983)
0:23:11—"Quiet Move" (Special Dance Mix) by Captain Mustard (1981)
0:29:26—"Never Look Back" by Pat (1986)
0:36:35—"The Facts" by Saâda Bonaire (1984)
0:41:41—"Don't Worry Ma" by Annabouboula (1988)
0:47:10—"Waiting" (Instrumental) by Harem (1988)
0:50:48—"Fire in My Heart" by Escape from New York (1984)
0:56:15—"Won't Be Your Fool" by Escape from New York (1984)
1:06:40—"Underboard (Samba Olec)" by Ethereal Beat (1985)
1:11:45—"My Body" by General Strike (1979)
1:14:58—"Sailing the Yacht" by Gerhard Heinz (1984)
1:16:46—"Loveroom" by Frank Harris & Maria Marquez (1987)
1:24:48—"Night - Flight" by Quintus Project (1987)


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