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0:00:00—"Hijack the Radio" by Nervebreakers (1979)
0:04:06—"Evil Boy" by Stiv Bators (1980)
0:09:54—"Little Room" by Bunnydrums (1981)
0:12:58—"(Life) After Dark" by The Flowers (1979)
0:16:51—"Who's In Here with Me?" by The Cravats (1980)
0:21:05—"Gina Lollobrigida" by Cardiacs (1984)
0:24:15—"Genghis Kahn" by Electric Guitars (1982)
0:31:49—"Designed to Kill" by The Contortions (1979)
0:34:32—"New York or Bust" by You've Got Foetus on Your Breath (1981)
0:36:14—"Legs" by Massacre (1981)
0:38:15—"Dura-Flame-Dog" by The Stick Men (1982)
0:39:49—"Taildragger (Decoy) Pt. 1" by The Stick Men (1982)
0:46:30—"Then There Was You" (Demo) by Restricted Code (1979)
0:48:26—"I Don't Mind" by Toy Love (1980)
0:50:22—"つるつるの壺" by Inu (1982)
Full tracklist: differenthead.com/post/1907580...0593/volume-138

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