Drum & Bass for Grannies - Ep 13 is back baby. !!...

Hi guys, after much delays… Drum'n'Bass for grannies September edition is here !

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Static-X - Love Dump (Optical Remix)
Decoder - Fuse
The Invaderz - Control My Mind
Gridlok & Ryme Tyme - Dose
Noisia & Mayhem & Verse - Choke
Zero T & Onj feat. MANNY - Lifetime
Capone - Back to Detroit
DJ Hazard - Digital Bumble bees
Unglued - Pigeon Funk
Mayhem & Kiko - Echelon
Bad Company - Hornet
Satl feat. Brandy Haze - Today
The Invaderz - Roksteady
DLR feat. Fokus - Ask the question
Lenzman & Redeyes feat. Private Joy - Playing It Off
Break - Gunpowder
Noisia & Mayhem - Lockjaw
Zero T & Onj feat. Ms Nayé & Unitsouled - Twenty Three
Mefjus & Noisia - Foundations
Makai - Beneath the mask
Dom & Roland - Braincloud
Axiom & Optiv - Nightfalls
Fracture & Neptune - Ventura
Optiv & Bulletproof - Camouflage
Break - Genesis
Jack Mirror & Kove - Placebo
BTK - Drop It (Optiv Remix)
Accidental heros - Soulfood
Noisia, Mayhem & Pacific - Centepod
Note feat. aya dia - Vespertine
Break - Authentic
Digital -Gateman
The North Quarter All Stars - No Reason
Break & Survival - Dawn
Fracture & Neptune - Apollo
Optiv & BTK - Telepathy
Octan, DLR & Break - Murmur


For this episode I toke inspiration from two main sources that will easily be recognizable along the mix:
The ATM magazine 73 with Quarantine mix by the man like Fierce (old school neurofunk for gourmets) and my latest label discovery: The North Quarter, home of Lenzman, Satl, Redeyes, Zero T to name a few !
The combination of the two have a "space opera filling in a dancefloor at 3 am"… (don't be afraid, it's really cool!)
Also in this episode, a few hypnotic loops sugested by my Detroit teckno roots…

Noticeable oldies and discoveries:

The Invaderz - Control My Mind : Anything produced by the Invaderz is pure gold, groovy beats backed with melody and top quality production make this tune an instant classic. You should definitely check there back catalogue, there
Is something for everyone.

Mefjus & Noisia - Foundations : I discovered this tune on a Noisia production master class video. Watching the video has the magic effect of making you love the tune and ear the many layers otherwize you would never notice… give it a go it's awesome !

DLR feat. Fokus - Ask the question : new discovery for me, the man DLR with lyrics by Mc Fokus that won't leave your head once heard.
Top notch production that reminds me of 1210 recording stuff, also first time I hear political lyrics on a drum and bass song and I love it. And… Oh my God.. Dispach Recording is now a neurofunk label…

Fracture & Neptune : unsung heros of drum and bass, if you are into Paradox/Nucleus/Seba stuffs, then you should definitly check Fracture and Neptune work. For this edition I picked a lovely tune called Ventura that shares the same sample as Cause for Concern - Vapourspace Both tunes rocks in their own way !

The North Quarter : How good those guys are is unbelievable! They turned liquid funk into R&B and that's awesome. Check this video to see them Working together. Here are also a Lenzman and Satl set if you just want to enjoy their production

Mayhem: Another unsung hero from America who appears alongside crew like Sinthetix, Rob F & Impluse, and Noisia.Thanks to El Hornet/pendulum for reminding me of this guy! By the way, El Hornet has the most interesting drum'n'bass channel on the whole internet, you should definitely check it if you don't know.

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