As anyone who has ever met, or known me will tell you - Being a pianist, I have a fascination with piano-based club tracks.

Even more so if they were released during the early nineties 'Disco-Magic' era. This is simply because back then, creative restrictions were none-existent which resulted in a multitude of tracks featuring huge jazz or blues-influenced piano solos that when combined with a bed of strings and a breakbeat, became the euphoric sound that defined an era that any clubber worth their salt will never forget.

Some tracks were complicated sequences, featuring solos running over several minutes, others were simple 'chord-bashing' affairs - however, regardless of their characteristics and in some cases, crudeness, one simply cannot deny that even today by the computerised standards of dance music, one simply cannot help but smile and enjoy them in all their jolly, harmonic, and uplifting glory.

This mix, although not definitive, is a mere snapshot of that era..

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