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    will have to start againm stay with it shit my net dropped Fri night 25th sept 2020 18:30 : 20:00 TrippiZoid Dj Set 20:00 : 21:30 Gone West Dj Set 21:30 : 23:00 Magiclantern (AV Set) 23:00 : 00:30 Empirion Live Set 00:30 : 02:00 Medusa Dj Set 02:00 : 03:30 PlTrippiZoid Now playing ....i we know the video is a bit blurry for  this one as this is how TrippiZoid wants it a bit retro eh got here in the end...#Awesome <3hi Karm Ash and All just fixed event link on page.......awesome.....hello people of earth......well done Steve nice one Hello peeps... helllo kaz...much loveHello people.... Always get lost on my way to thr prty site n i been going 10 years.. Lol whooop Rockin the kitchen... Xx much love n misses you all xxHi Kaz how you doing glad yo made to this party eh ...keep on rocking we got 40 hours to go xxx Go Trippy =)Great tunes :) Long live Equinox Festival congratulations to craig for all the hard work....make sure you are here at 9.30pm for my very special birthday audiovisual set(steve magiclantern here by the way)all the love to the equinox core crewscome and give me a follow on hearthis.at/thebeatsbizarre ......hear this at is by far the best platform for djs and streams......F Facebook...F sound cloud.....F mixcloud....hear this is where it is Ayeah totally agree Steve ...wierd  flag Kaz ...i like it we are wierd here eh xx gonna have a wierd revolutionIs this Tripizoid?yeah Tripizoid now playing Thanks for a funky start to the Psyberfest ....down to the last 10 mins then over to James West Thanx Trippy ???thanks for that just waiting on james to start cool as .. nice oneParty ON did you get my file on facebook craig? did a nice equinox cyberstream clear .png with outlinedeep breath....all shall be welljust having a bit rate problem we are on it Evening everyone ?hello mate........Sound ok?seems to be stable now...maybe too many videos playing thoughIs it me or does the stream keep stopping?ahaaa we have you now on top layersounds greatCheersgone silent again (but i am sure you prob know that)yaay back nowvisuals OK sound feed choppy...looking and sounding stableyeah james net by the look of it yeah sounds keeps droppingyeah we on it james net but i think we might be stable now think all good now......deep breath....live telly is always trickynice music.......ahhh...spoke too soon....i would suggest james goes to 25fps...and drops signal to monowhat is bitrate you are sending james?yeah thats live for you eh 160go for mono 960x540 25fpsI couldn’t see a mono setting in obsbeside the green on obs check the kbs rate it is beside the green in obs um ?Shannon has turned the PlayStation off ?that might help also make sure that your phone is not on same networkhave u got "advanced settings" open in obs for soundyeah some thing not right he is rebooting  ... all do voodoo now...it will be coolare yoiu playing stream back while  streaming? that is always a bad ideafingers crossed.......repeats mantra "all shall be well all shall be well":0whats Shannon playing?...can we play?Red Dead 2 ?ha haa....bandwidth killer........i repeat "all shall be well all shall be well"right i think we got it i hopefully will not be speaking too soon when i say....YAAAAY no bufferingThanks Craig sorry about that!This tune is sickwhat is it?Ken Zo la petite psycho its aweome..Thanks craig...you are a mindreaderNice visuals transform/reset transform/drag from corner then press lock......thanks james the visuals are mineAfter effects?smode studio....... www.youtube.com/stevesuperbossNice work reminds me of the last time I licked an Amazonian tree toad another wicked tunehey there all happy lockdown,,ffsMNGRM the traveller Hi Vril ?hello vril.....poet laureate of sunrisehi Vril yeah happy Lockdown nice for dropping in yeah well streaming is the new staying in eh I miss the West Indian Centre!yeah I think we All miss Surise well at least its mushroom seasongreat visuals from MagicLanntern It is indeed ?shroooooms are strong this yearwubwubalubdubsI love LampexxxxxxxxSO PLEASED WE ARE COOKING ON GAS AGAINCAPTAIN CAPSLOCK IN THE HOUSEPraise the streaming godssatan has all the best tunesanother great tuneLingering Folie a Deux Remix perfect  sounds  James nice one Cheers Craig!some very familiar faces on the video thereHopefully we can all meet up in a field again next year ?yeah sure we will be all together soon ...next year we are will have a party nearly every week by the look of it Haa making up for lost time!Noisily our a post up today asking if you would go to a festival where you have to take a covid test before you go inyeah i seen that crazy eh  down the last 10 mins from James ..thanks James nice one we got ther in the end ;-) all ready dudeyeah teething problems these things happen when you go out live eh you pulled it back really well dude...some magnificent tunes thereyeah these things are here to test us eh i prerecorded my set and craig is playing it from his end.....(full screen please dude).......one of best sets i have ever played....did it on my birthday morning with 2 coffees to help me along the wayi am gonna just kick back and enjoy...it is half past gin now.....well done James its been good listening to you...like Steve said...sorted it well after the initial glitchesapplauseDo you need me to press stop streaming?Westieeeeee!stayed the distance,,,,,,,#nice oneThanks everyone ?Facebook.com/GoneWestRock and roll have fun Steit is playing doubled up dude...it is playing twice on the offbeat of itselfyeah i got it ahhhh.....xxxxx<3 #i got remember to mute the other sound card my compression seems to have done the trick........highest quality at smallest filesize.......thanks so much for having me on craig......this is one of the few sets that i have ever played that i am hyeah looks great and sounds well too is a pleasure ;-)Thanks to James West for playing perfect sounds nice one current tune ...LEWIS - TIME TRAVEL (PHOBOS RECORDS)and some new visuals i just made in smode?i will be uploading the 12gigabyte hd version after the show to youtube....hit me up if you want the original file for your archivesG'dayeveninghi Simon how you doing visuals now by psypepper......Hello yeah just dropped by for a short while. I,m going to Trafalgar Square soon??well we will be here all weekend drop in anytime ..whats happening in Trafalga ?Hi Craig. going to protest/meeting against this lockdown/scamdemicIt really is just a great big crooked scamplease no pigeon chess...music only hereok I,m newbythere are better places to discuss this..................thats not a problem but if you tell me what pigeon chess is..Morning, what a set to wake up to❤love the visuals Steve Magiclantern (AV Set) now playing "arguthanks folks (steve magiclantern here)  this tune needs the copyright police on it.......can anyone spot the underworld "influence!"loving it - thank you Steve; it's much appreciated in these divisive and strange timesbennun and healy "borderless"lovely yeah Under world nice @simon "Arguing with a conspiracy theorist is like playing chess with a pigeon. It'll just knock over all the pieces, shit on the board, and strut about like it's won anyway." - Anonymousnext tune zen racoon -novatov (vagator remix)brought a laser home.. its burnin muy livin room downwhy is there no finger puppet action? awesome tunesignorance is the most abundant thing in the universe. anyways very nice to meet younice to know Karm...you're having party!we want finger puppets....finger puppets?.....you mean my dwarf?Muggestutzahhhh no potty time this time......i was recording alone in the house......i wanted to do a smooth set for a change so decided to concentrate......and try to have a boogie......potty time will return...whatever it was that danced in front of yuour set was,, hilariousnext psy forum show we will pull out all the stops...i had two coffees when i recorded this on weds morning...straight outta bed and straight on the decks.......i t felt really special to be doing what i love on my 50th birthday(did not do live as we have neighbours and the kids are here now....so loud music is not ideal(ha haa forgot i needed to go for a wee in this tune.........(well i am 50)(i did wash my hands)yeah you done some great shows on psy forum visuals now by psypepperlushnessyeah lovley tunes Steve Sounding good!??????lovely to see you here ohilyup yhisbithello phil from stevedown to the last 10 mins from Magiclanntern then over to  Empirion Live SetThanks for a perfet stream Steve nice one thanks so much for having me play........i will upload the set to youtube as soon as we are done......an honour to support empirion...... lush...remember james ran over a bittune...light breath...cobra sukavisuals by metune now.... bennun and healy ishtaryeah great work Steve the experiment worked eh yep the visuals look great...really good qualitycoming up to the last tune now folks......thanks once again for all the loveOne of the best mixes I have seen Steve do...brilliant job...really neat & tidy mixing well done xsmooth...and good flow with the setyeah perfect all the way x Well done Craig...for thinking of doing this...tahing the initiative to keep Equinox & Sunrise in our Hearts & Minds xxlast tune will be miles from mars (riots in my head) out just the other day on digital structuresoh yeah if any wanted to donate please do ....morningi cant link it up on here so you will have head over to the page where've you been?hI Phill and Warwick nice one you are late W...i expect a note......i want you to do 50lines(you all have time to wish me a happy 50th birthday again)its been a heavy day ???happy natal day Steven..miss your hugs xxBravo bravo xxxxxxwooooo hoooooo!we will be back!big thanksNice one Steve ?fkin hell i missed it can you rewindi will send you the set in full hd warwick...... it is uploading now...all 12gigabytesif that is too much then i can send just send you the youtubenice one steve id like that very muchYeah HaPPY Birthday Steve what way to start your 50 th eh ,,Thanks for that nice one now way your 50 happy bday thaaanks craig.....and w i will send googledrive link as soon as it uploaded........i know i don't look a day over 49remember to tune in for louise at 3pm friday.....and to enjoy the show nowno you looking good but life bengins at 50 hi there21 for the 29th time!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxi dont see eggslol for whatEmpirion now playing
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    7:45   D Chamberz - Coney Island Warrior Clean
    1:34:03   Neto Reeyno - Bacha Cucaracha
    2:21:17   Luis M - Dive Into the Dark Side
    2:45:47   Egomorph - Ascension - Luis M Remix
    2:47:57   Egomorph - Ascension
    3:04:01   Luis M - Hoopoe
    3:11:34   Cosmic Kingsnake - Words
    3:31:59   Diamandy - Todos Musicos (Sandokan Remix)
    4:42:15   Empirion - I Just Like the Noise

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