Nemo Saltat Sobrius!

Techno mix for Come-Early-Leave-Late.Be forum by Oneirich (aka Brambo) the "curator" of the Horae Obscura radioshow.

There's also a second part of this mix (with ambient/electronica) which will be uploaded later this month on the Horae Obscura channel.

100% Digital! No Vinyl used! All releases are downloadable for free on the almighty internets! Links will be posted on the Horae Obscura page:

    Cyp - Fear of Converging pt.1 [Transporta Records]
    Hecrom - Arcturus [CICUTA]
    Femii - Cry [CICUTA]
    H├ęctor Oaks - BOT 10243 [CICUTA]
    Robert Pain - Mima [Dark Garden Records]
    Hadji - Something Unexpected [CICUTA]
    Hecrom - Amaltea [CICUTA]
    Hadji - Jako Veliki Penis [CICUTA]
    Hyo - Skyquake [CICUTA]
    Lolo aka Acidus - Stater [Audioexit Records]
    Rafal Furst - Katowice [Audioexit Records]
    R. v. Aggelen - Second Reflex (rpunch mix) [_rohformat]
    Nervejammer & Inhuman Impulse - Inhuman Impulse [Dark Garden Records]
    demon.I/O - Spain is Different (Bran Lanen remix) [Geometrika FM]
    Drugstore - Gaia (Oliver Kucera Remix) [CICUTA]
    Sigma Zigurat - Digeridoo [Dark Garden Records]
    Hadji - Retreat (Drugstore Remix) [CICUTA]
    C. Mantle - L Mink (The Wee Djs Remix) [Acre Recordings]
    Ronny Ragtroll - Outpost [Acre Recordings]
    Isaac Himself - Ghost Vocals (C. Mantle remix) [Acre Recordings]
    C. Mantle - Congener 1 (Ingen Remix) [Acre Recordings]
    Tapage - Coup [Tapage Bandcamp]
    Somatic Responses - PENCWNWC V 2.0 [Photon Emissions]
    John Lagora - Beautiful Dawn [Zimmer Records]

    Techno, dark
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