Written/performed by - Bradster X

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Produced by - jmilliHTX

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Came a long way won't turn back
Hollow out the path while swallowin' the bad
Apollo with the pen not followin' the trends
The way that I act confirms that
You're all clowns and I mean it
Rhyme without reason, no grounds to redeem it
I'm fallin' asleep at the way that you flow
You should call it quits, admit your defeated
I'm brand new like a fetus
Attached to the womb with a mic cord
Me and my team, you can't beat us
Came in the game full of meds
Just friends in a psyche ward
That means crazy in the head bitch
Fuck with us
You might end up dead bitch
Pretty fed up, had it
If ya can't handle, ya better manage
I was branded a heathen
Came out a demon since drained out as semen
Try to maintain, can't make out a reason
To deal with these issues continue on breathin'
These dues that I pay
Lessons I'm seizin', I'm losin' my way
Friends are deceased saw 'em blue in the face
Could've been me with the moves that I made
But I stopped at the right time
Dropped out of sight
Ran outta lifelines popped in a mic
Took a puff of the pipe had enough of the life
I was livin' it was my decision to write
The best one I made yet
Haven't even got a paycheck
Got it covered like safe sex
Doin' this since tape decks

Say I can't do it I will
Keep on improvin' my skill
'Fraid that I'll fall but it's all an illusion, I feel
So confused, not sure but I'm choosin' to deal
Keep movin' the wheels 'til they
Fall off, I'm peddlin' still
Bald spot, keep the metal and peel off
Blacktop, ride nothin' but steel
Been puttin' in work
Can't say that I came from the dirt
That shit was paved, least it was half of the way
I'm just happy to play with the worms
Instead of the snakes
Better the space that I'm faced with
Stayin' in touch with the real, instead of the fake friends
Like Two-Face they split
Volatile minds
Talkative, walkin' a line
I know the type and the kind
Run and you hide in disguise
Hopin' that nobody finds
The real you that seeps through
They take as fake, don't believe you
Thinkin' it's a reach so they treat you
Weak like ya seem to be when you cease to be you, they beat you

    Hip Hop
    • 93.5 bpm
    • Key: Ebm
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