:::::LYRICS BELOW::::::

Written/mixed by - Bradster X (Verse 1 + hook)


Written by - Coop (Verse 2)


Produced by - Acey

Bradster X -

No need to listen
To what you say
Your bitchin', I'm hearin' rage
ya Itchin, to save face
Difficult to converse
Trippin' at insane rates
Strain weighs heavily
I'm actin' in the same ways
Only call, when it's payday
Attitude changes
Ya'll better make way
Now she wants a name change
When I'm broke it's
Back to strange ways
Let her fall, on her damn face
Won't tell her at all
I'm in the same place
Two oddballs
Playin' blame games
We assemble a wall
But still remain chained
One phone call
Could change things
We stay stubborn
Everyday we knew each other
Since we became lovers
Strategically suffered
Like we, calculated the moves
To hurt each other
Discovered, repercussions
Improve and crunch numbers
Both of us feelin' under
No wonder the discomfort

No need
No need for ya
No need for ya bitch
No need
No need
No need for ya
No need for ya bitch
No need

No need for ya
No need for ya
No need for ya bitch
No need
No need for ya
No need for ya
No need for ya bitch
No need

Coop -

No need, for the things you do
And the things you say
No need, what I've been through
Nothing can relate
No need, brought me into
A place I can't escape
No Need, I don't need ya
You waste of space
Two face-bitch, my nervousness
Creates turbulence
And reoccurences
I don't see what your purpose is
The cheatin' and disturbances
Becomin' reoccurences
Won't happen again
But you keep on pushin' it
I'm glad you left, again
No ounce of regret, instead
You neglect respect
And invent torment
I suspect and then
You confess
I accept and then
You just do it again
Makes me upset, my friend
The shit I do offends
Lies are true, I win
In the end
Never see me again
I'm dreamin' of you dead
Never loved you, fucked you
No need for you I said

No need
No need
No need for ya bitch
No need

    Bradster, Coop, Acey, Hip Hop, rap, underground, noneed
    • Type: Original
    • Release Date: 12/28/2017 8:32 AM
    • 89 bpm
    • Key: Am
    • Pittsburgh, PA, United States
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