Hello everyone!

I believe that I need to do some explanation regarding my mixes, me and house music in general.

So, when I started to dj, I was not rooted to house music, I actually did not understood house music or any kind of music like I do now at the start and at that age.

Years past by and I was heavely influenced into house music, and as you may presume, at that time, I believe it was 2005-2006, it was difficult to obtain quality house tracks. But at the same time that is why it was an undergound house music. Something that masses never heard of.

And at that point many of the djs, including me was wishing that house music will be broadcasted at radio station world wide, so all of the people could enjoy, feel and understand house music. Ahhh....how we were wrong.

As soon as house music, and with house music I mean the straight beat and of course the baseline as well as chords, became the mainstream on every worldwide radiostation, the magic has ended. Well, most of it to be correct.

And now, putting it shortly, I do receive a lot of promos (tracks, songs that are not released yet, but will be soon) with a lot of mainstream music (as we call house nowadays). And I try to separate pop stuff from underground in two-three of my podcast series - RESIDENCY (undergound, at least sounds like) and Summer Tunes (for warmer period), as well as Low [Love] Series (for colder period).

Usually, in this modern time it is hard to tell to a young person whether there was or actually is some sort of undergound music at all. And this is where I came to. I'm trying to combine both of this AKA sub genres of house music together in order for a listener to get his/her attention and at the same time to explore something new.

Now, that is why I recoreded this mix the way it is. It begins with somwthing that you can call classic, but at the same time undergound, evolving into EDM'ish and pop style house tracks and at the end it faides into undergound again.

That was made so the listener could explore the genre and perhaps, like the original, classic, underground, real house music at the end. Well, that is waht I am trying to do at least.

But, there is a need to listen to my mix/mixes form the start to the end. It is what I am calling a "journey".

Please note, that I am not trying to abuse any other genre, anyone or someones taste in any musical genres. I'm trying to explain to you the difference between undergound hoouse music and undergound house music.

And please, don' yel at the me with all this techno stuff, it's not my bread and butter. I keep it real.

Hopefully, I explained everything regarding my point of view on house music. If not, please go ahead and ask me anything by messaging me.

P.S.: Actually, it is much more complicated with house music at this point and how it sounds today and sounded back then.

Best wishes,
Artie Flexs

Translate this for me please

    Gene Farris & DJ Rae - Forever Always (Extended Mix) [Farris Wheel Recordings]
    Paul Harris ft. Benson - Say Or Do (Extended Mix) [Good Company]
    Low Steppa - Bring Me Up (Extended Mix) [Armada Deep]
    Alex Gaudino, Jerma ft. Lil Love - Little Love (Arno Cost Extended Remix) [Musical Freedom]
    Revelle & Fabich - Pick Me Up (Extended Mix) [Another Rhythm]
    Ren Phillips, YINGYANG (UK) - Backseat (Extended) [Another Rhythm]
    Tom Enzy ft. Kalu - No Scrubs (Extended Mix) [Spinnin' Records]
    Yves V ft. Alida - Home Now (Extended Mix) [Spinnin' Records]
    Deniz Koyu ft. Jess Ball - Without You (Extended Mix) [Protocol Recordings]
    Kokiri - Walk On Water (Extended Mix) [Perfect Havoc]
    Nostalgix & Rose Motion - By Myself (Original Mix) [Confession]]
    Manston & Simms - Lonely (Extended Mix) [Somn’thing Records]
    ATFC ft. Chuck Roberts - Not The House That Jack Built (Extended Mix) [Sbjkt]
    Havoc & Lawn - You Got Me (Extended Mix) [Sink or Swim]
    Ofenbach & Quarterhead ft. Norma Jean Martine - Head Shoulders Knees & Toes (Extended Mix) [Spinnin' Records]
    Souvenyr & DØBER ft. Mila Falls - Explain to Me (Extended Club Mix) [Protocol]
    BYOR - Leave Me Again (Extended Mix) [Musical Freedom]
    Steve Void - Popstar (Extended Mix) [Strange Fruits]
    Seb Zito ft. Alex Mills - 2020 (Extended Mix) [Seven Dials Records]
    SOLON - Ready For The Night (Extended Mix) [WePlay Music]
    Fred Falke & Zen Freeman - Underground (Extended Mix) [ASTRX]]
    Sciaca - Giving Up (Original Mix) [French Elegance Records]

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