• Anthony Kasanc
    In My Deep Moments (Podcast) #05

    In My Deep Moments (Podcast) #05 by Anthony Kasanc
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Profile description of Anthony Kasanc:

Spanish DJ, producer and co-founder of AME (Asociación de Música Electrónica) in Almería. Anthony Kasanc is absorbed by the side of the underground electronic music scene since the late 90s which is reflected in his music, mainly techno and psytrance.

His sets cover a wide range of genres of electronic music (deep house, tech-house, techno, psytrance, broken beats,etc...)

He is currently immersed in new projects and collaborations with other artists.

    19:40   Marc Holstege - Mangata
    24:40   Teddy Black - Metro
    31:40   Mason - Live on Dreams (Original Mix)
    44:20   Circle of Life - Friday Night
    53:00   Luca Bacchetti - The Great Wide Open

    Deep House
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