▲ Mixed by Ablepsy ▲

ADMCD010 V/A Take It Easy, But Take It (Another Dimension Music)

Imagine that your tongue is long enough to get a taste of your own mind. How would it taste? What secrets about you, society and the universe can unveil such kind of experience? Will there still be a person who is getting in touch with something else?

Don't be mistaken - all ideas like that are brought by the interdimensional draught and Another Dimension Music is your friendly neighborhood dealer that has the best music for cases like that!

Our new album is sometimes dark, sometimes goofy but at all time full power with a sole purpose of creating a continuous experience of getting in touch with oneself on the dancefloor. What will happen next depends on you.

▲ Take it easy... but take it! ▲


  1. Ablepsia - But Take It 120 (Intro) with english voxes
  2. Bodhi - Congenial Apparatus 150
  3. Digitalist - Devine Messenger 154
  4. Daash & Zik & Stranger & Noitrik - 10 Ways To Say Om 157
  5. Leso - Psyence 168
  6. Bethad - The Moment 157
  7. Groark - Excitonio 158
  8. Shiibashunsuke - Thought Police 155
  9. Xikwri Neyrra - M0DU1470R 156
  10. Fractal Cowboys - Prince Of Purple 148 (Outro)
    (Bonus Track) Ablepsia - But Take It 120 with russian voxes

▲ Compiled by Ablepsia & Dj Paf Paf ▲

Artwork by Punkadelic
Catalog №: ADMCD010
Format: Digipack CD + USB Flash Memory
Mastering by Maxim 'Makus' Kurushyn @ Overdream Studio, Ukraine
Style: Dark Psy Trance
Release Date: 01/10/2018

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    Psytrance, Psychedelic, Psychedelic Trance, ablepsia , bodhi, digitalist, leso, zik, noitrik, stranger, daash, groark, Bethad, Shiibashunsuke, Xikwri, Neyrra, Fractal, Cowboys, darkpsytrance, forestpsy, Edm, Electronic, ADM, anotherdimensionmusic, Experimental, bethad, anotherdimension, adrecords, newgroundmusic, Trippy
    • 156 bpm
    • Key: Abm
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