greetings earthlings! some aeons ago our mothership began monitoring your sector. after much observation the time has finally come to focus our mega blast bass canon directly at your ears. simply place the stylus on this record and the astral grooves will heighten your understanding of the alpha-cutaurian sciences. stadium djs will explode and their minimal clones will have to obey to our superior sound spectrum. no more thin air on planet funk!

aca I - felix k - alpha cutauri I - 12"
aca II - koto - alpha cutauri II - 12"
aca III - sub - alpha cutauri III - 12"

launching as a triple vinyl release in january 2013, alpha cutauri presents three 12" eps by felix k (hidden hawaii / 31), koto (influenza minus / rubik) and sub (syncopathic / subtle audio). these shiny hand-made vinyl satellites will start twinkeling straight from hardwax headquarters, watch your orbit! ziiiiiush....

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    3:00   Felix K - Scapes Part 1
    49:20   Elemental - Archival

    Drum & Bass, ambient, autonomic, Experimental, deepness, Space
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • Release Date: 01/06/2013 13:21
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