The first and third tracks have Japanese lyrics and I would like to explain them.
The first song is Ambient by Bodaishin. "Welcome to this magical world. A place where the unreal becomes real. Where the mind leaves the body, illusions create energy, souls, dreams, our inner being." That's what she says in Japanese, although it's hard to hear some of the words.
The third piece was Erdi Irmak's Ink Brush, a 17th century haiku by Matsuo Basho, which I have covered before, so let me briefly explain. In modern language, it says, "The time has come for this shabby hermitage, which I have grown accustomed to living in, to be replaced. Someone will move in later and decorate it with Hina doll to make it more gorgeous." That's what it means.
There are many other good songs. Enjoy listening to them all.

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    Deep House
    • 117 bpm
    • Key: Gm
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