ROCKSTEP: Rock music Reworked, Remixed and Mashed up with Electronic Beats & Bass by Adam3.

track list:

Saturn`s Rings - NASA Space Sound Recordings
I Against I - Massive Attack feat. Mos Def
Evenflow (Culture Shock Remix) - Pearl Jam
Tamglang - Hifana
Ghost (Adam3 remix) - D.O.G.S
VIP RockStep (Adam3 mashup) - Guns N Roses, Def Leppard, Digital, J Majik, Matrix & Future Bound
Money For Nothing (Adam3 remix) - Dire Straits
Danger Zone (Adam3 remix) - Kenny Loggins
From Out of Nowhere (Adam3 remix) - Faith No More
Daylight - Adam3 & Mike de Jong
More Than Reality (Adam3 remix) - Boston, Journey
Close Together (Adam3 remix) - The Box
Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors (Adam3 remix) - Radiohead
Vasoline (Adam3 remix) - Stone Temple Pilots
Highlander & Ooh Child (Adam3 remix) - Calibre & the Five StairSteps
TIME (Adam3 remix) - Wotlie
Turn Me Away (Adam3 remix) - Sam and Julian
Godzilla Bites Back (Adam3 mashup) - Beck,Massive Attack, Cypresshill, Missy Eliot, Clutchy, Public Enemy
Live bites Reptialian (Adam3 remix) Def Leppard & NIN
Enter the Sandman (unknown Remix) - Metallica
Thunderstruck (S X Remix) - AC DC
Zoostation (GhP remix) - U2
Wow - Beck
Dusty (Moby Remix)- Soundgarden
In the Nude (Adam3 remix) - The Mootekkis
Deep Meditation - Adam3

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