This week's mix is from the man behind the most popular track we have released over the last year, on any of our compilation albums. Usually Friday's podcast tends to be an hourly dose of tunes, but this week Felix has recorded an extended 2 hour set of delights. We hope it hypnotises you as much as it has us!

Check out his track 'Denkmal', on our 3rd compilation album, here -


Zooash is a German house/techno DJ and producer who has released on labels such as Physical Techno, Asyncron, Pink-Pong Rec. & White Colours. He runs the label Vocabula Recordings with his brother in crime, Flashdisco.

Since the fall of 2010, the name 'Zooash' has been synonymous for mighty house, massive techno vibes and nights filled with the sounds of acid. But Zooash isn’t just a new face in the scene. In fact, he’s worked on various electronica-projects since 2009, gathering support from the likes of Boddika, Danny Daze, Fjaak, Molecule, Flug, Etnik and Kolde. Now in 2015, he released his Debut full EP called SODA, on the german label Physical Techno Recordings. And then later, in August, he released 'Denkmal' right here with us at Loose Lips!! Keep a look out for his upcoming tracks & productions, especially on the upcoming 50cl Remix EP.


  1. Nocturnal Sunshine – Believe (Hodgson Remix)
  2. Hiver – Out Of Blue
  3. Lauhaus – Port Of Call (Brodanse Remix)
  4. Modul Art – Can You Feel The Darkness
  5. Talbot Wood & Renee – Whirling Wind
  6. ROD - Distance
  7. AMANIC – One Night In Desert
  8. Nikola Gala – Serge 93 (Onno Relaxisizer Remix)
  9. Dense & Pika – Delta System
  10. Nick Höppner – Grind Show (Aardvarck Remix)
  11. Mountainking – Work (I Just)
  12. Yaleesa Hall – Third Perrin
  13. Aubrey – Crimson Nebular (Ed Davenport Remix)
  14. Zeitgeber – Absent Minded
  15. Ron Costa – Achegate (Tadeo Remix)
  16. Christian Wünsch – Angular Diplacement
  17. Revenant - Abduction
  18. Boston 168 – Jupiter's Moons
  19. Pierre Deutschmann - Env2
  20. Cari Lekebusch – The Naked Truth 1
  21. TWR72 – Reflect (Samuli Kemppi Remix)
  22. Shekdul - ID22
  23. Juan Sanchez – Exceed (Flug Remix)
  24. Roberto Clementi - Voila
    51:20   Nick Hoppner - Grind Show (Aardvarck Remix)
    1:25:20   Revenant - Abduction
    1:51:00   Shkedul - ID22

    Loose Lips, Mix, Series, 049, Zooash, House, Tech-House, Techno, Deep, Podcast, Raw, London, Leipzig, Mixtape
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • Release Date: 2015-12-18
    • 127 bpm
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