I really miss bringing my deepest energy to you all. The music comprised in this mix was gathered via Beatport, Juno etc. Please show support for the individual Artist & buy their tunes.
With many moons passing before the return of Earthen Religion due to equipment failure & other life events. A new journey has been revealed as Building Blocks of Techno. Which as we left off, was the start of the Modular series. This mix is a new concurrent to the series in which all Techno/ Ambient genres are main. At this time I would like to mention that a Gofundme page may be in the works to help raise some funds for a new mixer. Selling music via Soundcloud isn't getting me close plus with what I'm personally investing towards the project. Once a dj mixer is obtained, then I can start playing live again. So that's why mixes haven't been uploaded in years. This mix is found at
soundcloud.com/nickkursed/buil...arthen-religion On Soundcloud.

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