Profile description of Helmet Cracker Movement:

An all rounder podcast presented by the four founding fathers; Namely: Simphiwe Simmy, Tshidiso Carter Makoti, Rhulane Glenn Hobyani & Mojaki Ratsoeu

The Helmet Cracker Movement (HCM) go by the trend of #HelmetCracker. Our objective is nothing more than engaging in the peculiar and charismatic culture of podcasting. The need behind this apart from our love of House Music; Good Music is just under our noses. What one really needs is to just be calm, be more open minded, and breathe it in.

Our Circle of trust consist of four upcoming Producers/DJs (Two Producers only). One of our producers (Mojaki) goes under the newly formulated name of BlurQKeys. They are yet to release their EP under a label that is yet to be announced. Previously you would have spotted him along with his co-worker with their stunning brand of 'Soulsash & Mojaki'. They released their two EPs "Silent Voices" and "Soul NTP" under the implausible Nick Holder label DNH.

The other producer is non other than the Tech Maestro Glenn Hobbs himself. He is currently working under his first EP, 'The Rouge'; feedback has been nothing but positive. He possesses a unique element that will see to the evolution of Afro House to Techno House in South Africa. Even though his resume is not that long, he is practically feeling up pages in the South African history books. For now all there is to say is "Watch Out"

The formidable DJ'ing team consisting of Sir Simmy and Carter. This two have a potential of soothing some ears and crackin' some skulls with introducing some fundamentalism into music. Both have yet to emerge into the industry and pursue the conceptual idea of #HelmetCracker. Both look up to a number of known iconic giants namely Trev The Japanese, Vinny Da Vinci, 2lani The Warrior, Ksk, DJ Bubbles and more

For a feature on the show, email a recording of your tape to with the following conditions:

  • Tape should range between 1 and 2 hours
  • Tape can be any style or genre; selection is whats required
  • Bio should follow link
    • 94.5 bpm
    • Key: Bbm
    • Johannesburg, South Africa
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