Mailborn Nc M, real name Mailbron Ncamiso Masuku, is a spinner hailing from the kingdrom of Swaziland, Matshapa. He started his love for music at a young age collecting CDs from genre's Hip Hop, Neo Soul, and Hip Hop. At a later Stager Mailbron started adding to his collection by expanding his brand to Jazz, Lounge, Afrobeats, and House Music. Here he expanded his DJing experience along side his fellow spinners Jazzinsoul, Rhythmicsoul and Sabeloog. To hear more of his style you can find him on The Chillout Unit: You can also find him at:

Cell: +268 7603 8799
Facebook: Mailborn Nc M

On this symposium Mailbron delivered a therapy session fusing elements such as Jazz, soul and lounge. If you had a long day, all you need do is sit back, pour yourself a glass of wine or whiskey, strap on your helmet, and just let the music do the talking.

Enjoy!!! #HelmetCracker

    0:00   Skinnymen Productions - Father's Day
    20:00   Dwight Trible - I've Known Rivers
    45:00   Uyama Hiroto - Stratus
    48:40   Nas - Purple
    52:00   Domu - Ain't No Fool (feat. Pete Simpson)
    1:05:20   Okou - Feel

    Other, Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop, Chillout
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