Based on a few lines written in a delerium-continually messing with this.............

Dear Doctor, Thank you for the pills that counteract the pills,
that counteract those pills that make me want to vomit on your floor.
I don't even know just exactly what all these pills are for.

Angelina, mistress of the pricks, I love your accupuncture and your oriental tricks,
I've been longing for you since my boat went down.
If you pay me in sugar I will be your clown.

Holy Mary, Mother of the Gods, I've broken all my promises, beaten all the odds,
But my hands are cold and my mind is numb.
You promised me the world but all I got was crumbs.

Dearest Rachel, I see that you've been blessed by the songs of love and longing,
by the beauty of your flesh, I hear a distant bell, I hear a funereal song,
That sweet and easy feeling that I used to have is gone.

I'm falling backwards, trying to reach the start of the long and lonely journey to the centre of my heart,
if I seem lost sometimes, give me another dose.
I'm a thousand miles from nowhere but I think I'm getting close.

Mona Lisa, diva in the clouds, there's a tear in every marriage, a fool in every crowd,
You were invisible when I tried to break through.
Now I got that sinking feeling that I'm invisible too.

Dearest Doctor, I've heard that it's been said that for sixty quid an hour you could rearrange my head,
but do you really think that you could ever heal
these wounds that I've been nursing or the thoughts that make them real.

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