Adventures in extreme procrastination and lazy mixing featuring Cut Hands,Kassem Mosse, Juju & Jordash, Autechre, Aisha Devi and other stuff that possibly annoys my neighbours.

Hakim Murphy – Wobble
Aisha Devi – Throat Dub
Stefan Jaworzyn – Shock
Red Stars over Tokyo –Crossing a Frozen Sea
Cut Hands – Krokodilo Theme
Autechre – Bronchusevenmx24
Late Echo Express - ???
Sul – Does It For Andy
Noise – Noise
Downbeat – Mosikitos En Sibera
Kassem Mosse – Hi Res
Juju & Jordash – Avian Oasis
Fabric – Curiosity Model
Drvg Cvlture – Icabn & Sister Code
False – Falling Away
33.10.3402 – 13
Theo Parrish – I Can Take

    2:00   Aisha Devi - Throat Dub (Tool)
    21:00   Autechre - Bronchusevenmx
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    Downtempo, Weirdo, Urei Love
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