Echo of Humanity - A time-asynchronous jam session between Kaiboard (Germany) and John Wegner (Australia). It all started when Kai saw a video of a drone flying over the destroyed city of Aleppo and discussed this with me. We both felt this loneliness and desperation of the people there. Two years ago we did the ‘Throw Me Away‘ project ( ) which addressed a similar topic, so we had a common understanding. Then the idea of a virtual jam session came up with music that expresses the loneliness, the sadness but also with a glimpse of hope and humanity. We started with Kai creating some powerful live music on the keys (mainly using analog synthesizers and sequencers) and then I added the guitar, also playing live. So, it was like a live session but not played at the same time. Both of us were alone but we made some music together overcoming thousands of kilometers, different languages and cultures, expressing a common view on the world. And it felt good!

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