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So I've decided to skip ahead and upload my most recent podcasts as I'd never get caught up otherwise. This show felt mighty good so I'm interested to hear what you think! Big ups all who were locked and made Saturday SERIOUS!!!
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'Nuff respect all crew!

    8:00   Break - Heal Me
    9:40   Above & Beyond - All Over The World
    13:40   Cause4Concern - Something Else Vs Sensor
    16:20   Whiney - Teddy's Gate (feat. LaMeduza)
    28:40   Chris Kaoz - Take you Bk
    32:40   NU4M / KIJE - Looking At Ghost
    37:40   Enei and EastColors - Jungle Business
    52:20   Maztek - Limber
    59:40   Andy C - What Bass
    1:07:20   P739 feat. 9th Dan - Past It

    Drum & Bass
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