Whilst in the UK back in 2001, I was fortunate to be invited to play on Eruption FM - 1 of London’s most established and respected undergound pirate radio stations, to give them a taste of how we did things at Gravity, Perth Australia

Props to Cris.E.Manic & Steve Uplift and especially to Slipmatt for putting me forward for the gig

The experience

There is something magical about blasting out hardcore across the airwares of London, from two turntables and a mixer at the top of an abandoned apartment block in the East End.

Ttradionatlly radio sets are hard to guage for me, as the audience isnt "visilbe", and I usually feed off the crowd, although Crisse & Steve's antics were top class, but what I was enlightened at the amount of calls and comments that flowing in from the UK Hardcore massive, and the amount of people that kept in contact or dropped me a line afterwards was a testament to the following the show had created.

This show was also braodcast live on the web, with listeners texting & calling in from Tokyo and further - hardcore heads world wide unite!

All in all lots of fun - hope you enjoy as much as I did, please subscribe if you want more and ill keep these coming

Music Wise

Note - this recording was ripped from the online stream and has been remastered for clarity and de-essed as much as possible - still not great but good enough for my old mate Beno, who I promised I would get this too a while back (Sorry Ben!)

  • That ERA of music had lots of different layers, although for me persaonlly I was influenced heavily by the heavier side Next Gen & Blatant Beats stables, obviously Scott Brown’s Evolution “suite”, and some of the more obscure stuff from Holland and the US (Omar Santana’s World Domination youtu.be/N7kpjzYhPg0) getting a drop towards the end too!)/

  • Featuring massive tracks Russ (Dair) did with Fade (Blatant/Next Gen, winners from, Robbie Long (Thin N Crispy) and also Devastate (Hechtech) and finishes with the collab I did with Hixxy prior to his 'Raver Baby' label being launched.

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    • 87 bpm
    • Key: Abm
    • Essex, UK
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